The Power of Writers by Paulette L. Motzko

Writers change people they change people’s viewpoints, ideals and help provide empowering information that helps people find and discover their true self worth.

Writers document history and  paint word pictures employing descriptive terminology in the form of adjectives adverbs I creative skill.

 Writers use words as a painter uses different colored paint and various paint brushes with different textures. Instead of a canvas, writers computer, tablets, smartphones, the nostalgic use old school typewriters, or as I did, an ordinary pen and paper.

 Much like sculptors sculpting three dimensional masterpieces, a writer writes with longevity in mind.

In simple terms, a writer educates, and empowers, and changes people’s lives by changing their minds and enhancing their lives.

The sooner a child reads, the more exposed they are to life, different kinds of people, living and new cultural ideas. Readers are enlightened people who realize that they can accomplish anything they ever wanted to, they only educate themselves on the topic they’re passionate about.

Nothing is impossible when you aspire to greatness. By reading you’ll defy the odds and show the world, and most importantly, yourself, that all your goals and aspirations are like a bull’s-eye on a target. An avid reader will not only aim but hit right on the mark.

A winning, courageous attitude, towering faith, fabulous mentors, education, persistence, fortitude and hard work 

Children repeat what they hear so make sure they hear great words and never gibberish or baby talk.

 Learning phonetics or the science of sounding out words and understanding the meaning of prefixes and suffixes is a gift that keeps giving. If you do these things, you’ll just about be able to figure out what the word means before you even look up the definition. That is how English works and anyone can  use that kind of knowledge to their advantage. 

Children sing and play but also after their play you can make learning a game too. The best gift you’ll ever give your child is a great book.

 The sooner you put a book in a child’s eager hands, the sooner they will have an advantage in life. That applies to anyone at any age.

Children are naturally inquisitive. Adults also should play and never stop learning or being inquisitive. 

Having an inquiring mind is what keeps you young, no matter what your age. Writers broaden the world’s horizons one page at a time. Books are the vehicle that goes to worlds never traveled before.

Copyright Paulette Le Pore Motzko, July 2017

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