With a pen, paper, beautiful scenery & an extraordinary idea I have the world. – P.L.Motzko

I had given these to my mother years ago in 1990 when I was married and lived in Huntington Beach, CA. It was found in a large box of photos that belonged to mom that my brother in law Mike Bunker sent me. I never wanted to see a time when I would get back special things I gave her, if even a group of photos like these. That plastic box  full of memories has been gone through very slowly, because some times years and years fill my eyes in the faded photographs, other times joy’s that I lived I shared with mom I had lost in my divorce to the Polish rocket scientist Mark Motzko I was married to in 2001. 

In a divorce, it is such a traumatic experience to go through that the last thing on my mind was making sure every photo was taken.

 We had two of everything in our big house-two couches, at Christmas time he had his space tree with Hallmark ornaments and I had mine which was a winter white with colored lights. He was Agnostic and I was Catholic and but for lion share of our fifteen year marriage-he was a good person. Even with everything he was rarely happy, which prove’s you can have it all, but don’t realize you have it all and are not grateful you will never know happiness. I always had enough faith for the two of us. To marry in the Catholic church he went to Catholic CCD a month-and he did.

This next time around, it will be refreshing to meet a Catholic guy, a man who truly understands concepts of faith, hope and charity and God.

I hope I will be realizing the missing piece in my puzzle of life emerging soon in my world.

We have chapters we live in life. Like books the days go by like the turning  pages.  We go on through the high points and low of the story until one day you get to the final pages in the final chapter-and the story is over, beautuful as it was, but the book is read and the pages closed.

 That’s what my mother’s death was to me is the ending of a story the ending of a chapter in a book or our lives together. Thank God for extraordinary the extraordinary memories I made with mom and what I gave her because she was so worth it all.

I am paraphrasing Joel Osteen when he said, in his outstanding book “It’s Your Time”:

 “Your story is not finished and The Best Is Yet To Come in a brand new story.”

I was working as an Assistant Accountant at Golden West College and taught one sweet little girl Malevesi Fafita piano who lived across the street from me.

 A client of mine Rosie Emberton, took this wonderful photo taken around Christmas time at huge, pastoral Talbert Library which was one of my sactuaries there.

I miss that huge, beautiful place here in dusty, dry Las Vegas, NV.  I miss the greenery, flowers and ocean the most.

I was the President and founder of  The Epilepsy Connection, a grass roots organization in Orange County to connect people to resources. I was writing for Suite101.com Epilepsy: Information and Insights,which was very rewarding too, and my first paid writing assignment.


We go through stages in our lives like the metamorphosis of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly.

I know I transformed what I used to do-teach piano, into something else, that I lover equally as much: Cooking, writing, photography & marketing. In those I could have never imagined the man I am today  doing what I do. Galaxy Note 4 Tablet with optical character recognition was a dream in the satellite systems working this guy to even create the GPS system to make it work. Pretty incredible stuff if you think about it.

At 55 years young now I at times feel like I have the wisdom of someone who has seen a thousand sunrises and sunsets,  but my  soul and heart is full of love and inspiration and my mind fresh with young, positive, empowering concepts and goals. I am working towards each day.

Above Photo taken by Peter Maguire, Photo Editing Digital Arts by Paulette Motzko

I like the me I have become now and I cherish my memories and look forward to a hopeful future.
Written by Paulette L Motzko

October 2, 2016

7:55 p.m.

Photography by Rosie Emberton

Photo Editing and Digital Arts by Paulette L Motzko, PLM Studios

Copyright, September 2016

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