Uses of podcasting – Wikipedia & The Use of Podcasts for Writers by Paulette Motzko

Text below written by Paulette L Motzko

Copyright March 2016

Part of writing is in getting out there to the Big Wide World what you have written. You can have the most wonderful Pulitzer prize-winning book but if no one ever gets to read it or know about it then the joy of it will be yours alone.

I’ve been doing research about what exactly podcasts are, and what their purposes are. I hear people talking about them and yet I knew virtually nothing about them until tonight.

One of the main differences between streaming radio and podcast is that you can subscribe to the podcast. It’s kind of like a show in the sense the people can tune in and listen to you talk about things that matter to you and you can have speakers on the podcast or have guests and you can shoot in different locations.

From what I’m learning from this article that I gave the link to,
your viewers can even download PDF files and other material like e-books and all kinds of things.

As I’m learning I thought I would pass on the information to you.

As a writer I would also advise to read everything you can not writing, grammar, and read The Writer’s Market books; they’re awesome.

If you don’t own The Writer’s Market 2016, go buy it on Amazon. They sell it for a drastically reduced rate.

Read trade journals for writers, and associate with other writers who are doing financially well.

I went to Barnes and Noble and I didn’t care what the books cost, I just bought every book that looked extraordinary on writing, and I’m making money writing now in Las Vegas, but it’s a lot of work and reading, and constant evaluating on what you’re doing and how it’s effective the services you’re offering are. or the app SoundCloud is very similar to podcast in the sense that you can sign up to different shows.

I know that because a friend of mine has a show on SoundCloud.

You can record any kind of audio file and have the world hear it there.

These could be avenues for you to read your written material.

I found that when I write something, once I read it out loud, as I’m doing now with vocal recognition software on my Galaxy Note 4, my writing reads differently and sometimes they change my word choice.
Now I’m not typing at all, but using the microphone on my Note 4 and making edits to anything needed.

The spoken word sounds very different than the written word.

Podcasts allow the world to get to know you and your personality or persona, which they can’t really do on a written page.

That’s something that wasn’t mentioned in the stories that I’ve read about podcasts.

Hopefully by me sharing this has given some of you out there some creative avenues for you to explore with your written material and also not written but verbal audio versions.

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