7 of the best lines from President Obama’s State of the Union address.


This gives much of the speech that President Obama gave last night on television. I do not have a television for number of reasons, economic and just because I don’t like sitting around all day watching it. I am always busy and dont have the time.

I get my news on various news stations, apps and other mediums.

As writers, I thought this would be particularly interesting to see what President of United States said instead of only hearing his words.

The more you expose yourself to good writing in books and listening to good writing on apps like Librivox, the better writer you’ll become.

I am uncertain if the speech was written by President Obama or a speechwriter, but I do know it was very well done.

You might want to check out the website of worthy at Upworthy.com at


My friend Francesca Cangialosi in New Mexico shared it on Facebook and I’ve begun to explore it common its extraordinary.

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