There must be more to life… Than having everything

I think the center of happiness lies in the borderline of contentment. Between needing less and wanting more, a thin thread that keeps us tethered to the closest thing you can imagine to genuine happiness. There is nothing wrong with wanting more… our insatiable needs keeps us forever chasing, forever buying and forever striving to get an endless array of  goodie goods, tangible or not may they be. This is what it means to be human. I still remember my urge of wanting a matcha iced latte with thick soy milk on top even when I have it right there in my hands, I’d think of the next time I’ll buy it, when will that be?!

I want it, I want more of it.

If I get hooked on Boba, Japanese food, Pho, frozen yogurt, Keurig coffee, endless rows of books that I have no business of owning; I might…

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