Creating Your Inspiring Writing area (Sanctuary)


Thursday June 11th 2015 marks one year and a day since I made the decision to leave CA for new, desert pastures. You cannot say greener pastures here, because it isnt a green, lush state, but one lined with rock-covered pathways, with eratic weather, dusty gusts of wind that can knock a lady down, but I am still standing, but taller and stronger and a lot smarter.

The long, grueling 15 hour Greyhound bus ride from Oceanside, CA to Las Vegas was something I knew was better for me two years prior, but my mother Ramona Le Pore needed me.
She willl be 85 come June 19th and finances and my job as a content writer for The Web Squad in Spring Valley don’t permit me to leave- the keyword is YET.

I have been streamlining my world over the last year and making everything I choose to keep matter and be worth keeping….something that gives me joy, and that gets used and brings pleasant memories to my mind.


Me at The Grand Cafe at The Red Rock Casino and Resort and Spa. I wrote three SEO Web Contents and took myself out for their incredible dinner special…..always nice to mix pleasure with work…. if you can create a job for yourself doing what you love it’s like you never worked at all.


A nice guy named Paul was kind enough to take this winning shot of me by the huge crystal chandelier at Red Rock.

I agree with the Buddist philosophies in many ways..that everything gives off an energy of its own so make it only positive and meaningful.

After all, everything you own requires maintenance like dusting……
I am packing up a box of antiques that will be taken to a local antique store and I will get something for the things I just dont care about anymore and are more trouble than their worth! Do you know some people in your life who can be described that way? Only you can evaluate whether they’re worth the trouble of “keeping them”, so to speak, or maybe it is time to eliminate them for better choices of people.

The top of my antique roll top desk now is pleasing to me and gives me joy.
Thats what you want to look at when you write and create.
This is your special, unique space that every day you will be investing hours of every day sitting at.
Make them enjoyable, inspiring hours that fly by like your fingers are playing a melody that will be remembered for years to come.


I bought a Shark steam cleaner at Target stores that had a ten year warrantee that quit working. I got $108 credit on a gift card from them, and I never said so many Thank You Lords In my life. I bought this clear lamp by Threshhold and I filled it with beautiful sea shells from the Pacific Coast….where my heart and soul lies and where I grew up, went to elementary school, college, married, divorced, but had great years in between…just tooo expensive to live there.

The lamp was only $35 and my creativity and time was not included. You could fill your lamp with something equally meaningful to you:

Colorful balls of thread, preferably something that isnt going to melt like candy.

In my dreams, I want two places, even if they were small places…..then I could enjoy the best of both worlds…the desert and the sea.



Write with the intentions that what you create will live forever….long after you are gone. Your words will play a song in people’s minds that they will be singing and sharing for years to come.

Great things last.

Make a list of valid contributions you can make in the literary world and topics you’re passionate about.
When you follow your heart you won’t go wrong.

I have to write two 300 word SEO web contents so I must write two sad words.


Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Image of Paulette Motzko taken by Hot Rod Todd.
Photo Editing Paulette Motzko

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