I didnt know whether to share this on because of the amazing photos or Writer’s Work Lab because it was so well written. I miss the beach and ocean in southern CA snf flowers that bloom endlessly. HERE IN NEVADA, a little after one year since i left from Oceanside, CA to Las Vegas, NV on a 15 hour never again Greyhound bus ride…I am still trying to find beautiful places i can feel connected to nature here. In the big, dusty, dry, desert, I hope to discover more places that showcase the simple things here in the coming year.

Paulette L Motzko

A Simple Life Freely Chosen

The path alongside the cricket field The path alongside the cricket field

Bliss in June is to take a walk with the dog along the path by the cricket field, a tunnel of green luring you through the lush hedgerows. Early morning walks are the best as the birds begin their calls, blackbird and thrush, rook and starling.

Bailey among the buttercups Bailey among the buttercups

We do a loop around the sports field and head across for a hole in the fence. This brings us out by the river. When its full there is a reverse wave several feet down the banking.

Buttercups and chives on the plot Buttercups and chives on the plot

Buttercups on our allotment Buttercups on our allotment

We walk across the cricket field, through the village to the allotments. Ours is by the river. Unlike some of the more regimented plots ours is wild and free, chives mingle with buttercups, nettle with raspberry, dandelion with potatoes.

Lupins grown from seed Lupins grown from seed

Our lupins are a…

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