Publishing – List of Professional Markets that Publish Fantasy/Sci Fi Short Stories

Author Amie Gibbons


I’ve done a ton of research to figure out what publishers to send my stories to.  I’m all about that urban fantasy (sometimes with a heavy dose of romance) with a tiny bit of soft sci fi here or there, so that’s what’s on this list.  I’ve got a handful of shorter stories I’m sending to publishers to try to get publications on a cover letter before I dive into the world of queries to agents and book publishers to find a home for my finished novels.

I have 2 novellas (20 – 30K words, they’re just going to have to go to an anthology call or an e-book publisher), 3 novelettes (I’m not sure where this word count officially starts and ends, but I think of it from 10 – 20K, and they’re going to the places that take longer works or possibly to shorter anthologies), and then 4 shorts (under 10K…

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