“Big Bridges” Call for Poems! | Motionpoems


If you write a Motion Poem you could win $1000! I read hope Clark’s newsletter today in my email and found this contest.

I’ve been getting Hope’s newsletter called “Funds For Writers” for several years now and in it today I found this contest.

It’s pretty cool because the entrance fee is only $7 and most most places ask for  a $25 or more entrance fee, which I think is kind of steep for most starving artists; This one is unique because is it’s using writers to inspire architects and engineers like civil engineers. Your poem could also be turned into a movie.

Deadline I’d May 15th,  2015 though, so you don’t have tons of time,  but you have more than enough if you’re determined like me. They’re giving 5 $1,000 awards. So I’m going to write one. with contests like these it forces writers like me to think outside the box and do something I’ve never done. I like doing things I’ve never done I like trading with never been created that’s cool!

Paulette Motzko

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