The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

Randy's Reading Roundup

download (9/10) The Four Agreements is part self-help book and part philosophical dive into what it means to be a human in today’s society. This book is short, but loaded with thoughts and information. Each sentence, especially in the beginning, packs a powerful punch of ideas that will make you think about things in a new and different way.

The beginning of the book is my favorite. Before getting into the four agreements, the author sets the stage by defining what an agreement is, describing the human condition as he sees it, and philosophizing about life. The author is a former surgeon who after a near death experience quit to become a philosopher and Shaman. Based on this book, he is a very smart, deep thinking man.

One idea of his that I’ve also considered quite a bit is that we are born into this world, into a certain situation, culture, location…

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