Business of Making Money Online

Gillian T - Ezine Article Author

Making money online is made up of two main components: Finding your niche market and understanding your niche market.

The two are not the same.

Finding your niche is relatively easy because you are looking for someone exactly like you, someone who is looking for the PROMISE of making money, relatively fast, with little effort. If you are selling a product or service on behalf of someone else then the niche market you are looking for are other people in the same position. These people are commonly called “Affiliates”.

To understand your niche market – you need to understand that it really isn’t the product or service that motivates them, it is the PROMISE that they will get rich so there DREAMS come true, and hopefully with little effort.

OK, so we know who your Niche Market is and we know how they think; now it’s time to put…

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