11 Books Every Christian in College Should Read

Gospel Relevance

I started becoming an avid reader during my college years. And now that I’m over three years out of college — and having read dozens and dozens of books — I think I have a grasp for what reading material would be helpful for a Christian during his or her college years. While there are a plenteous amount of books that could have made this list, I’ve chosen eleven. Outside of the Bible, of course, below are the eleven books every Christian in college should read and why.

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11) What is Reformed Theology?, by R.C. Sproul. In many ways, college is a formative time for developing what you really believe. This book will help you with the basics of classic Reformed theology, and show you why it is so important to adhere to sound doctrine.

10) Radical, by David Platt. I’m convinced that many Christians in college who…

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