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Her Dragon Becomes Her

This is the second prompt in an eight-part blog initiative by my writing group, Ink Spots: What was your first childhood pet and/or stuffed animal, and why was it important to you? 

Animals always died in our home. It was difficult to attribute any meaning to any of them, and we had quite a few over the course of 15 years – a dog, a bird, rats, mice, gerbils, hamsters, cat, fish, and rabbits. The only one out of all of the animals we had as a family that lasted beyond a year or two was the dog, a collie-husky mix named Sheba. She died at the age of 13, long after I’d left for college.

I had accepted responsibility for the bird, a small lovebird I named Josie. She didn’t live long – a few months, maybe. The house we lived in was drafty, and one night she…

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