happy singles’ awareness day


photo at prom alone, nbd Yep, went to junior prom alone and got my portrait taken alone. NBD.

In honor of the occasion, I submit for your review six-word memoirs on the topic:

Six-Word Memoirs on Heartbreak by Emily Ostendorf

He wrote poetry but studied advertising.

Wore cologne for her, not me.

Traveled without me. More than metaphor.

Met on train. Treacherously romantic beginning.

Wouldn’t let a good thing go.

Lied. Held on for dear life.

Six-Word Future Memoirs on Love by Emily Ostendorf

I never gave up on you.

This is the fuss, I guess.

You’re better than a po’boy sandwich.*

This feels like home for once.

Damn, they’ll cheer at the wedding.

Off we go, hand in hand.

*inside joke relating to the time a friend called me out on the fact that I was going on and on about this catfish po’boy sandwich in a way that showed I was clearly…

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