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This is an off-the-top-of-my-head post. Don’t think I’ve ever done one before! But have been chatting with a friend about an author we both appreciate, Stephen Lawhead. I see so many posts on here of people sharing their favorite quotes from their favorite writers. Our little comments this morning dredged a wonderful one up for me.

arthurMy favorite series by Lawhead is his Pendragon Cycle. It’s about King Arthur but actually begins with Merlin’s history in the book Taliesin. As the story wends its way through the books there’s a part where Merlin says a prayer for Arthur’s brave companions (knights) who fall in battle. It was so beautiful and affected me so much that I used it as my daily prayer during my Lenten devotions that spring.

The day before Easter I wrote Stephen Lawhead on a whim to tell him how much I had come to appreciate…

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3 thoughts on “Quotes for Life

      1. My internet name is Calensariel. I’ve been known by that for so long I sometimes forget it’s not my real name. LOL It’s Elvish. A mixture of Quenya and Sindarin. Calen: green / sar: stone / iel: feminine ending. My birthstone is emerald. So I ended up being the maiden of the green stone. My one claim to fame? At a book signing by Viggo Mortensen he recognized it as Elvish and said it was beautiful. But I usually shorten it to Calen. Thanks for asking. People usually just think it’s weird.

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