How To Find Time To Write

J.R. Young

For those who love to put language on paper–or on screens–“how to find time to write” may be the most difficult question to answer; perhaps even more difficult than calculating the origins of the universe itself.

But I have done it. I have broken the code.

So, allow me to break the news to you softly:

You’ll never find time. There isn’t any to find. Sorry, Charlie.

crying meme you hurt my feelings

When you approach writing from the perspective of finding time, you’ll never find it. Instead, you’ll find frustration.

Serious writers don’t find time; they make time.

You don’t have time to write?

Well, you may not have the flexibility, or the resources, like many mainstream authors to hole yourself up at a beach house, a friends house, a cabin–minimizing all distractions–for a week to a month…,

…but there are things you can do.

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