Sunset on a hard month


And so Christmas came, too quickly and soon as always. Suddenly there was cold. And frost. And those beautiful bitterly cold winter days where you can feel the ice cold air in your lungs and feel the sun on your face. There are lights, carols, memories and an innocent joy. You feel safe, wrapped in scarves and gloves. Cocooned in warmth, somewhere between memory and reality.

And then there was this.


This gloriously beautiful sunset that made me feel alive again. It caught me unawares and I was so glad of it. It was full of winter: dark orange and pinks, creating a beautiful silhouette for the trees. And I felt safe.

The last month has been hard. So hard on so many levels. At times I have felt like I am spiraling back into the anxiety again. I have had days when I have been so paralysed by fear…

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