La Femme D’argent’s “Air” is a Fantastic Instrumental Writing Piece

This is my jam: La Femme D’argent by Air on Downtempo Radio ♫ #iHeartRadio #NowPlaying

The French composers use synchopation with moog type jazz melody line that flows in a sequence that allows your words to flow on the page.
I do this all the time and never think of sharing my finds. I had to write concert reviews all the time when I went to music school and got good at describing what the music sounded like.
What is a musical piece that you find helps inspire you to write?
Share the name of the piece and the composer.

The most important thing in writing is only write in a place where it is QUIET and you control what sounds you hear: music, ambient waterfalls, bird song…and make your view and surroundings bring out the story inside you.
A boring office is one of the least inspiring for me, unless you already know the main points you want to say, and it is a matter of expounding on it.

Experiment with different types of music and different surroundings….you think you have writer’s what happens.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Copyright December 2014
12:49 midnight

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