The Death of Writer’s Block — Wednesday Prompts and Inspirations

Leslie Leibhardt Goodman



You’re in the middle of writing your novel and gasp! The worst thing possible happens…a mind-numbing case of writer’s block takes over. I’ve been there. You’ve (probably) been there, too.

Picture it…the keys are warm under your fingers, your coffee or  tea is cooling because the ideas are flowing, and you’re too focused to take a sip. And then Brrrrrrrrrrpt! You freeze. The idea well you’ve been dipping into dries up, and you can’t imagine how to solve your main character’s problem.

Time to move away from your computer. And if you’re like me, that sounds unthinkable. But trust me on this. Grab a sheet of paper and pencil.  (Oooooooo, how old-fashioned.)

Let’s turn the situation in your manuscript around. Forget how you are going to get your main character out of his/her scrape, dilemma, situation,complication, entanglement, trouble, crisis, predicament, hitch, glitch, quandary, jam, pickle, impasse, plight, corner, kettle of…

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7 thoughts on “The Death of Writer’s Block — Wednesday Prompts and Inspirations

  1. I’m glad you liked my blog post. Writing is something I’ve been addicted to since I was a child. My favorite classes were always those that allowed for creative expression–especially writing. I hope someday I’ll know the feeling of receiving a writer award. How wonderful to have your love of this craft and your efforts acknowledged and rewarded.

    Leslie Goodman

    1. You will one day with persistence. When you write about what you know and are passionate about, you cannot go wrong.
      My phone is not letting me read your whole comment. Need to read it from my pc later.
      What is your name?

        1. Hey Leslie,
          Let us connect in our web platforms. Like the idea?
          I am Polly Motzko on Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest &
          Paulette Le Pore Motzko on Facebook
          Paulette.Motzko on Skype.
          Then we can exchange all kinds of things.
          My email is

          Are you on those sights?
          Just ask me to be your friend on all and I will accept.
          Hard to believe about a week until Christmas Eve & Christmas.

          Paulette Motzko

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