Author Timothy Gager answers 5 writing Qs and 5 pubishing Qs

chris jane

No matter how long someone has been writing and publishing (traditional or self), there’s always something to learn. And there’s usually, at one time or another, a desire to hear from someone who’s gone through, or is going through, something similar. I thought it would be fun to have a series of Q&As with writers and others in the writing & publishing field.

The first interview subject is author Timothy Gager, who answers five questions about writing and five questions about publishing. (I’d like to thank the readers and writers on the Kindle Boards for submitting questions, a few of which were used here and more of which I plan to use or draw from in future Q&As.)

On Writing

What piece of writing advice does it make you twitch to see experienced writers giving new writers?

I think most advice, even cliché advice, is true to some extent. That…

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